Artist Statement

studio pic.jpg

Random contact with consumable objects can call to mind the most unexpected images. A glimpse of color, a touch, a fragrance all have the ability to convey images that awaken my desire to duplicate them.

Books and magazines pile up around me; Used fabric dryer sheets accumulate on the top of the dryer. Delightful memories are awakened by leafing through the pages of vintage cookbooks. Instead of fretting about the stockpile around me, I use these resources to become the components for my mixed media artwork.

The task of using non-traditional materials is an important element of what I create. I delight in the challenge of creating my work using those materials that first brought the image to mind. Book or magazine pages are shredded, flower petals are pressed, material scraps are assembled ready to become a reimagined fabric that can then be manipulated into an artwork.

As I use the needlework skills learned as a child, I become aware of how our lives are woven together by events and responses to these events create an evolving history. My sculptures become a type of memoir that incorporates our shared stories.